RDXtra – WHMCS Client area theme

First Install the WHMCS

Please go to https://docs.whmcs.com/Installing_WHMCS


Implement them RDXtra – WHMCS Client Area Theme



When you are ready to use RDXtra, you must first upload the RDXtra theme to your WHMCS directory. There are 1 ways you can implement the theme:

• Using cPanel:  public_html > Folder(where WHMCS installed) > Go to templates folder and upload. select the RDXtra zipped hit Extract and theme will be uploaded.
Once you have uploaded the theme, you need to active it.
> To activate your new theme, go to WHMCS admin Panel > select Setup Enter password is required to access the General Settings area,
> after that select Template, which Template color you like most.
> Rrxtra-defult
> or
> Rrxtra-blue
hit Save Changes to successfully active the theme, Enjoy